Teaching Your Kids About History

Published by Paul West

Do you remember when your parents forced you to do something you didn’t want to do? Go to a museum; take a long Sunday drive to see where they grew up; etc. It seemed painful then; however, if you could have the chance, wouldn’t you not blink an eye if asked today to do it all over again?

One of the biggest financial planning goals we hear from working with clients is “Building a Legacy”. This doesn’t necessarily mean a financial legacy. This frequently means sharing and instilling our personal values and beliefs to those we love and care about. For many of us, this is our immediate family. A legacy is about shared memories and experiences. People remember experiences far more than the zeroes in bank accounts.

My twins this past weekend had a chance to attend a school D.C. trip. They were excited to be flying there with over 30 classmates and friends. I remember traveling to D.C. when I was a kid and I was jealous that they get to go now. While they didn’t want to hear my stories before their trip, I know now they will understand how life-long memories are made. We just don’t always realize them when in the moment!

My daughter was extremely fortunate to be a participant in the wreath laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery over Memorial Day weekend. She knew it was something special when she received special instructions weeks in advance. However, I ‘m not sure she grasps the gravity of the situation. I know some day she will! Maybe sooner than later…I hope I’m around to hear her share her “legacy” about that life moment and what she learned from it.

My son sent me a text of a cool hoodie he bought on day two of the trip. The picture didn’t match what I thought was “cool” but hey, it’s his choice. He told me the man selling it was “so nice” that he felt like he had to buy it (Chalk one win up for the D.C hoodie salesman).  Even though I wasn’t pleased with his sweatshirt choice, that all disappeared when he sent me a picture of his sister and him standing in front of the Supreme Court. All I thought about was the memories they were making and building their own legacy.

I can’t wait to be sitting around a dinner table sharing each one of our respective stories about life’s experiences. I hope you do the same with your friends and family!


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